How Sensory Play aids emotional regulation

There are a multitude of areas that sensory play can help children progress, but some are a little less obvious than others. However, because of how versatile and fun sensory play is, there aren't many areas where it can't be helpful! Throughout this blog post, we will focus on how sensory play can help with children learning emotional regulation through sensory activities. 

Emotional regulation is something that comes with time and development, but sensory activities can make the process easier! There are endless activities that children can engage in to help with emotional regulation, and if you're stuck for ideas take a look at some of our suggested activities here!

You might be wondering exactly how sensory play and activities can help children develop emotional regulation. Not only do sensory play activities offer a relaxing and stimulating way for children to play, but it also allows them to focus on certain sensations and grow accustomed to their senses. This can further allow them to grow accustomed to their emotions by increasing their focus with simple sensory activities. 

Sensory play can also help children in learning how to self-regulate their emotions. For example, you may turn to a relaxing activity in order to calm down from a stressful situation, such as a walk or reading a book, but this isn't something that children instinctively know how to do. Not only does sensory play help create a relaxing environment where children can take a step back from an overwhelming situation, but it also teaches them how to focus on their emotions and how to settle them easily. 

The creative outlet that sensory play allows for is perfect for emotional regulation  also. It's easy for some children to become overwhelmed or overstimulated, especially those with sensory issues. Sensory play, such as playing with putty, using sensory bins or sensory bottles, can allow children an outlet for their emotions in a much more regulated and calm manner. 

Overall, there is a multitude of benefits to sensory play, emotional regulation just being one of many. If you're looking for something easy to help incorporate sensory play into you children's routines, check out our sensory putties here or check out our other posts about sensory activities here, if you're looking for new ideas!