Using Sensory Slime for Sensory Art - Easy Ideas For Sensory Play

Sensory slime is a great tool for kids to aid them in sensory play. Not only is it squishy, stretchy and a whole lot of fun, but it also has a range of cognitive benefits that come with its use. Using it as a way to help children explore and develop their senses is wonderful, however one of the other main focuses of sensory play entails children being able to explore their creativity and imaginations, too. So, by combining both sensory putty and art together, we can do both.

One of the best ways to utilise sensory putty creatively is by making sculptures! Sensory putty is perfect for easy moulding/sculpting, and it gives children the chance to copy shapes and objects by sculpting their putty to match. You can start off simple with basic shapes and work up to creating animals or more complex objects too!

Another great way to encourage creativity with sensory putty is by using it to help teach children about colours. By using different coloured sensory putties, children will be able to learn about their primary and secondary colours and which ones mix together. Take some time to explore each colour of the rainbow, or create fun colour swirls and gradients from their imagination. 

If you're looking for more unusual ways of using sensory putty to create art and express creativity then perhaps try printmaking! Printmaking is as simple as pressing an object into the putty before removing it to reveal the imprint. This can be used to make intricate patterns and pictures, and adds an element of creativity that is a little different to simply drawing a pattern on paper. Try seeing what patterns you and your child can come up with!

Overall, sensory putty is so versatile that you can try hundreds of different ideas and still have room for many more. It's as simple as taking it out of the jar and seeing where your mind leads you to. So, next time you're looking for a fun art project, sensory play ideas or even just a creative outlet, give our wonderful sensory putties a try and see what you can make.