Outdoor Spring Sensory Play Activities!

Now that we're delving deep into spring time and the weather is getting a little bit warmer, we can finally begin venturing outdoors again for some spectacular sensory play! There are endless activities that we can engage in, but after a long winter cooped up indoors, it's definitely time to get out and do some sensory exploring!

1. Colour Hunt

A colour hunt activity is fairly similar to a scavenger hunt, with the opportunity to let children learn about nature, colours and organisation all at the same time. A colour hunt consists of tasking children to find items outside that match a colour, or several colours. Not only does this allow children to explore outside and use their senses, but it also teaches them about colours and how to organise items into separate sections.

2. Pinecone Suncatcher

This activity is perfect for the crafty and creative types, however it may require adult supervision. First of all, you'll need to gather some pinecones, which is already a fun activity for children to engage in! They could collect a variety of items for other activities as well as pinecones, or make a competition out of how many they can gather in a certain amount of time. Then, pick out a selection of beads and pick the perfect pinecone and begin glueing the beads to the edges of the pinecone. The glueing can also be done by an adult with a hot glue gun for easier application and quicker drying. Then, hang the finished pinecone in the window and enjoy the beautiful colours that it reflects!

3. Nature Collection

This activity is great for any kids who love to collect and keep ahold of anything they find outside. Encouraging them to start a nature collection means encouraging them to explore all areas of nature, using their senses to seek out new experiences and teaches focus and organisation skills. You can store their nature collection indoors, or even use what they collect as materials for a nature themed sensory bin!

4. Painted Rocks

A simple, yet creative activity that is particularly fun in the springtime! Start out by collecting a variety of rocks, any shape or size that you would like! Once you've got a wide selection to choose from, let the painting begin! This activity encourages creativity and imagination, whilst also allowing children to experience different textures via different types of rocks. You could even try using different items to paint with, such as leaves or twigs, or even pine cones for a dotted pattern!

These are just a handful of fun activities that the whole family can engage in over spring! It's finally getting warm enough to head outside and enjoy the sun, so why not try out a few of these activities while you're at it?