How To Create A Sensory Space At Home

There are endless activities and ways to incorporate sensory play into every day life, however it's easy to be concerned about how to make the space in order to accommodate. Sensory spaces offer our children a private space where they can wind down or take the time to engage in some more relaxing sensory activities. A sensory space doesn't have to be huge, or take up an entire room, but somewhere you can transform into a relaxed and calming space for your child is perfect!

Obviously, there is no right way to create a sensory space, however there are some tips and tricks and even some recommendations on what to put in there to create a wonderful space for your children. However, keep in mind that every child has their own preferences and dislikes, meaning that what works for one may not work for another.

One of the best ways to make a sensory space feel calm and relaxing is by getting something comfortable to sit on! This can be something as simple as a bean bag chair or large pillows, mats and blankets. Anything you can think of to make the room comforting should work perfectly.

Another thing that is vital to creating the perfect sensory space is toys! To add to the comforting feeling of a sensory space, consider adding stuffed animals and plushies, as well as calming fidget toys, some of which you can find here! If your child enjoys to read, it may be worth adding some books to their sensory space too! 

If you're working with a larger area for your sensory space, you might consider how you want to decorate it. Obviously this may revolve around your own child's preferences. You could easily paint the walls in their favourite colour or hang up art from their favourite TV Shows or movies, however it is worth noting that softer/paste colours promote a more relaxing atmosphere. 

Sensory spaces are the perfect place to store and use sensory boxes/bins if you've made one! Sensory bins allow children to experience different textures and sounds in one contained space, and with a dedicated area to sensory play, this is the perfect place to keep them!

Overall, a sensory space can be whatever you make it! The main goal is to create a comforting space that allows children to continue exploring their senses and learning in the comfort of their own home. Don't worry if you don't have a ton of space to create a large sensory space, it can be something as simple as the corner of your child's bedroom. Any space that can bring them comfort and entertainment can be transformed into the perfect sensory space!