Fun Ways to Reuse Our Plastic Jars! - Creative Activities for Kids

There are hundreds of reasons why our sensory slimes are absolutely fabulous, however one of the best things about them is how versatile our jars can be! We're all about saving the planet at Slime Party UK, which is why we thought it would be a great idea to share some of our ideas with you so that you can make use of our little jars instead of throwing them away!

Of course, the primary use for our jars is keeping our wonderful putty fresh and contained, but obviously times change and eventually some toys get ruined or eventually end up being thrown away. If the time comes where you ever find yourself with an empty one of our jars, you can always recycle it or you can try out one of these fun activities with the kids to create something new!

1. DIY Snow Globes

One of the most creative ways to reuse our putty jars is by turning them into your very own snow globes! Start by sticking a small figurine/toy to the inside of the lid (this part may require adult supervision). Then, fill the jar with water, a little bit of glycerin and plenty of glitter! Finally, screw the lid back on tight and give your jar a shake to see the magic come to life in your homemade snow globe!

2. Herb Garden  

Do you want a little gardening project for the kids? How about turning our jars into a mini herb garden! Start by adding some pebbles/small stones at the bottom of the jar to help with water drainage, before filling the rest of the jar with soil and planting your seeds! These jars can easily be left on the windowsill or any sunny spot in your home and allow kids to discover their green thumbs without too much mess!

3. Desk Organiser

Another way to get creative whilst also encouraging kids to keep their rooms/desks tidy is by creating their own desk organisers with our jars. You can decorate them any way you would like, with pens, paint or even stickers! Then, use them to store pens, pencils, rulers or anything else small enough on your desk!

4. Toy Storage

Similar to our desk organiser, you can use our jars to store small pieces/toys to help keep the house organised and to stop bits and pieces from going missing. Decorate the jar any way you see fit and then use it to store small toys, such as Lego, doll's clothes/shoes, small cars, marbles, etc.

5. Piggy Bank

Another storage idea that lets children learn how to save money! Again, decorate the jar however you see fit, maybe even try making it look like a pig! Then, encourage children to put extra coins into the jar to see how much they can save up! 

There are hundreds of other fun ways to reuse our jars, but these are a few of our favourites! We love recycling and doing anything eco-friendly, so reusing our jars for creative fun is just one of the many ways that you can help out too! Don't forget to check out our wonderful putties if you feel like trying any of these ideas in the future!